15 Donation Page Examples to Inspire Your Online Fundraising Fun Fundraising Ideas

You can also invest in one of the many thousands of ideas and products and become a backer. This means we have a 0% platform fee, allowing you to keep even more of the money you raise. ABC will also set you up with branded flyers and order forms, and they offer free delivery for many of their products. Plus, you can take your fundraiser online with a fundraising web store designed just for you by ABC. The key to setting up a successful product fundraiser is picking the right product fundraising company to work with.
Grant Foundation – Nonprofit Charity Template is a basic, flat, and clean Bootstrap template with various features. It was created with humanitarian organizations in mind, such as charity, child care, and orphanages, to name a few. As a result, you have the freedom to select the best option for your tasks. Slick slider, Bicon, Isotope, owl carousel, Dynamic contact form, Magnific popup, and SEO-friendly valid code are some of the massive plus points of this online fundraising website template. Astha is a fully-featured HTML template for non-profit organizations. Bootstrap 4, HTML5, and CSS3 were used to create this feature-rich design.
You can sell your t-shirt from the storefront directly to your donors. Fun Fundraising Ideas at this site can sell the shirts to a network of friends. As a next step, you will set up your online team store with the platform. So, the site takes care of the design aspect of your t-shirts and leaves you free for spreading the word about your social cause and fundraising.
The best part is that you can pick an ideal audience to view your donation requests. Say your organization helps people overseas like the World Food Program does. Alright, you’ve captured the hearts and minds of new supporters with your fabulous posts. Luckily, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok let donors give without leaving the platform. These videos are beautifully produced, but you don’t need a professional videographer or voiceover pro to create yours. Sixty seconds of iPhone footage or a well-timed photograph can be just as persuasive.
However, it is more interested in serving entrepreneurial projects and facilitates fundraising for the latest in technological and design innovations. As opposed to Kickstarter, Indiegogo helps entrepreneurs take more business-minded steps in their design process so one day they’ll be able to sell their final product. Specifically, Indiegogo offers their creators help with designing, prototyping, and manufacturing their projects all while connecting them with digital marketing services, distributers, and so on. Indiegogo campaign pages are highly customizable, so most fundraising efforts are directed through Indiegogo’s website itself. Make sure you’re consistent in your branding everywhere you maintain an online presence. This is especially significant if you’re trying to recruit recurring donors (and really, who isn’t?).
Site charges 4% on donation and Gift Aid, plus 50p processing fee. Fees charged to charity Charities pay 2%-5% on each donation, plus a monthly membership fee of £15 or £39 depending on volume of donations. But its relatively high charges have prompted accusations that the company is raking in large profits, while paying its top staff up to £200,000 a year.