Parent Involvement at Middle School: Ideas, Activities, and Help

The best thing about this fundraiser is that it’s completely customizable, and you can create trivia questions on almost any topic. A silent auction is a classic fundraiser that works great for PTAs and PTOs. They follow the same principles as a standard auction, except there’s no auctioneer calling out every bid. Instead, school fundraiser companies write down their names, contact information and bid on a sheet of paper. Ask for contributions from students, for a choir to sing Valentine’s Day classics at each classroom and deliver their cards to recipients.
Set a price for each book based on factors like condition, number available, and popularity. For added pizzazz, decorate the space with famous book quotes and pictures of characters. Invite a popular local author for a book signing, or sell raffle tickets for a new book collection. Hold a quick demonstration for your teen volunteers that shows them how to properly wrap gifts of different shapes and sizes.
Simply click on the big blue box on the right side of this page. When planning a school fundraiser, you will be grouped with people with the same mission and vision. However, to ensure that your fundraising event is a success, you will need to trust and engage with your group members on a more personal level. By developing a deeper level of trust, you will encourage better group dynamics and create a positive synergy that will help carry your event to the end. Planning a school fundraiser can be complex and involves a lot of teamwork and effort. However, when you are creating your detailed school fundraising plan, it is imperative to remember that the fundraiser should not be too long.
Choose your favorite school fundraising ideas and get started! Any of these fundraisers offer impactful opportunities for increased funding to your institution. Just be sure to equip your fundraising team (of faculty, staff, volunteers, board members, and more) with the right tools to ensure success. Everybody loves representing their school with branded apparel⁠—students, teachers, faculty, and parents alike. That’s why a t-shirt sale (or another item, such as a hat, lanyard, hoodie, etc.) can be an effective and favorite fundraising idea.
Cheerleaders love to dance, so why not host a dance-a-thon cheerleading fundraiser? Dance-a-thons are designed for participants to seek donations and pledges before the event from their friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family. Dance-a-thons or dance marathons are tons of fun and can be quite lucrative cheering fundraisers when run online with a P2P crowdfunding website.